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I love computers and designing stuff. My main expertise lies in UX and UI design, though I do dabble in logo design, illustrations, and sketching. I am passionate about learning new tools and technologies in IT. I have worked with Microsoft Azure Cloud, SharePoint, Web development, data engineering, and Python programming.


I design websites and Intranet/SharePoint sites for clients. I strive to improve the client's business by utilizing design psychology. I love to research and get updated about tools and techniques to give products the edge. I also design and develop Webflow marketing websites.

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Live Projects

Kovan Technology Website

Current project

Kovan Tech Solutions is a US-based IT solution provider for MNCs and Organizations. The website is currently being redesigned and remodeled.

Live site

Gymkhana Trust Website

This is the website of a Non Government organization called Gymkhana Ramesh Babu who does charitable work in TamilNadu

Live site

Swap Shop
Mobile app

Swop Shop is an app inspired by the radio program of the same name which airs across various states in USA. The goal of this app is to advertise products from users who would like to trade or donate items they do not need anymore with users who are in need for those items.

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Mobile app

Visibilary is an app designed with visually impaired people in mind. The goal of this app is to help different types of visually impaired people to have a good experience.

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